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From ACORN to Weinergate, HATING BREITBART tells the story of one man with a website who forever changed the media paradigm, upending the traditional press and changing the ground rules of political journalism. He opened the floodgates to an army of citizen journalists who used new media to completely rewrite the narrative. In the process, he repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy as the old paradigm's supporters pushed back.

Andrew Breitbart was a polarizing figure whose legacy is still being debated. Loved and hated, Andrew was a jovial prankster and a one-man wrecking ball who used his unique understanding of both traditional and new media to change the way that information flows in the modern era.

The HATING BREITBART filmmakers enjoyed exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to Andrew Breitbart during his various confrontations with the media, like the firestorm that erupted after Breitbart released the infamous ACORN videos, showing a purported pimp and prostitute visiting multiple offices of community organizing group ACORN looking for assistance.

Filmmakers capture Breitbart's journey onto the national stage after publishing the videos, documenting the paradigm shift as more scandals unfolded. We see Breitbart become a celebrated speaker at Tea Party events with powerful enemies and legions of supporters who, in the wake of his sudden death at the age of 43, now carry his picture at rallies across the country.

HATING BREITBART is a dramatic account of a media figure with a larger-than-life personality evocative of the great newspaper titans of generations past.

Before He Was Hated

For over a decade, Andrew Breitbart worked for Matt Drudge as a contributer to The Drudge Report, an influential and pioneering website in the emerging field of news aggregation. He helped launch The Huffington Post and went on to create a string of his own successful websites including, Big Hollywood, Big Government and

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